This application was in support of StoryWell in early stages development in the mobile app lifecycle.

Inspired by Cuimneamh An Chláir who capture oral histories, Storywell hope to build on the idea piloting in County Galway.

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There is something beautiful in how knowledge and wisdom is held and carried by older generations.

Cuimhneamh an Chláir documents the memories, experiences, customs and traditions that characterise the place we live in and train volunteers known as ’Cuairteóirí’ (visitors), who visit people in their own communities to record their stories.

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This is in homage to the old tradition of ‘going on cuaird’; a practice which centres on respectful listening and on conversation with the elders of a community.

Our elders often think their lives are too mundane or their experiences too ordinary to be worth recording.  Until they start telling a tale and pure gold drips from their mouths.

In fact, their voices are extraordinary.

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Even the most mundane stories can be entertaining when told with the right tone and perspective.  Not only do recorded stories provide entertainment and laughter, they also serve as a valuable source of information for future generations.

By recording family’s stories, we can preserve important details about our family’s history and traditions, our town’s history and traditions that may otherwise be lost.

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But perhaps the most important reason to record our family’s stories is to foster a sense of connection and belonging within families and within your community.

When we take the time to listen to and record the stories of our loved ones, of our neighbours we are showing them that their experiences and perspectives matter.

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And when those stories are shared with future generations, they can serve as a reminder of the unique bond and history that our family shares.

Imagine what it would be like to listen to your great great grandparents voices as they were experiencing the Easter Rising or the 1,000,000 people who fled Ireland during the Great Famine in 1846!

circa 1885: An Irish tenant and his family are evicted from their smallholding in Derrybeg, County Donegal, for failure to pay the rent. Furniture has been removed and the thatched roof destroyed to prevent the property being re-tenanted. (Photo by Robert French/Sean Sexton/Getty Images)


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The team behind StoryWell are based in Portumna and are ambitious.

They realise that meaningful impact can only be achieved at scale, using digital technology which will be designed to make the recording of future oral histories and stories intuitive, entertaining and rewarding.

StoryWell will give the gift of stories to our future generations in an interactive way and wants to help families to capture their best memories and to enjoy listening to their loved one’s voices forever.

Our experienced team who include a Digital Project Manager, Linda Quinn (Consultant) and experienced developers are ready to develop a prototype of Storywell, including proof of concept [MVP], a visual representation of the future app StoryWell.