A Guide to Remote Working Opportunities in Ireland

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How to get a remote job in Ireland

As a non profit focused on community development, Grow Remote’s return is when you become employed and can live locally. Because of this, we can bring together everything you need to find remote work. Sign up Here!

A curated list of remote jobs in Ireland

This jobs board is a free-to-post place for companies employing people location-less in Ireland.

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Learn the skill of remote working and get a formal certification

LOETB, in collaboration with IDA Ireland, SOLAS, and Grow Remote, has created this training program to develop the skillset required of learners wishing to enter into employment in the area of Remote Work.

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Resume – CV

Canva is a fantastic tool for creating a modern one page CV or updating your resume. 

Follow the link below for a simple video  tutorial on using Canva’s design tool to create your CV.

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Improve your Remote Job search

  • Do your research on the companies you are applying to, they love to see specific knowledge of what they do in applications
  • Look for jobs that advertise their flex
  • Follow them on social media – Twitter is particularly good for connecting with many remote employers
  • Look them up on Glassdoor and LinkedIn
  • Look up other job descriptions for the roles you are applying for, look for similarities or differences, this can help you to figure out the focus in that particular company
  • Apply for the job even if you don’t tick all the boxes! Get out of your own way, stop self-filtering, because you dont tick all the right boxes, go for the role, see what happens!
  • Find a company with beliefs that align with yours.
  • Look for a job that you love.  Let’s face it: you’re not going to love every single aspect of your job, regardless of whether you can work remotely or not. In order to be successful in your remote job, though, you should really like at least most of the components of the position.Here’s the catch: think beyond the job duty descriptions listed of what you can do, and focus instead on what you’d like to do. After all, you might be applying for a position that you can do in your sleep, but what you really want out of a job is to feel valued, invigorated, and a part of something great.Sure, you’ll still need to have the qualifications of most of the job duties listed, but look to see where you can learn something new that will make you happy, too. Being challenged and feeling valued are all parts of what makes a remote job great and something that you should specifically look for during your job search.
  • Ask the Grow Remote community for advice, hop into the Slack workspace and post your query – http://bit.ly/growremoteslack


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